Indoor Environmental Engineering is an indoor air quality (IAQ) consulting firm based in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1981, we have a long standing commitment to the study of indoor environments and the dynamic interaction between occupants, contaminant sources and building materials and systems. Our staff of professional engineers, certified industrial hygienists and building scientists utilize a multi-disciplinary approach which has earned us an international reputation as IAQ diagnostic and building forensic experts. Indoor Environmental Engineering promotes the prevention of IAQ problems through our dedication to healthy building design, construction, operation and maintenance consulting practices.

We are a leader in the evolution of the industry through our commitment and involvement with recognized professional organizations and technical committees. Our clients include building owners and managers, developers, corporations, attorneys, architects, engineers, state and federal government and homeowners. The number one component of our success lies in the collective professional experience of our staff, our ability to work effectively with other professionals and our drive to identify and support strategies to create high performance indoor environments for the health and comfort of occupants. Below is a list of the key components that make our firm a leader in the IAQ field:
  • Experience: over 25 years of professional practice in the IAQ field
  • Professional Credentials: staff PE�s, CIH�s and building scientists
  • Research: extensive publications of IAQ research studies and technical papers
  • Analytical Capabilities: state-of-the-art instrumentation and analytical techniques
  • Professional Organization Memberships: active memberships, involvement in standard advisory committees Links to professional organizations that IEE maintains active membership:
  • Cost Effective: competitive labor rates, analytical costs and smart investigations