Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in New Homes

A 2007 study of ventilation and indoor air quality in 108 new homes results in the CARB ATCM regulation of formaldehyde emission rates from composite wood products and new California Building Code requirements for mechanical outdoor air ventilation in new homes.

Residential Outdoor Air Ventilation Systems

Do intermittent mechanical outdoor air systems provide IAQ that is equivalent to continuous systems ?

Safe Indoor Air Criteria (PDF)

Can we define what constitutes safe indoor air in our pursuit of net zero energy buildings ?

The IAQ Top Ten (PDF)

Bud Offermann PE CIH gives his list of the top ten items for reducing and fixing IAQ complaints.

Building Material Emission Rate Requirements (PDF)
California architectural specification - 01350 requirement for chemical emission rates from building materials.

Formaldehyde Emissions from Baby Furniture (PDF)

Test results for 21 products sold for use in a baby's nursery.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Multi-Family Housing - Fact Sheet (PDF)

Facts on exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in multi-family housing and three ways to eliminate or minimize exposure.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Cars (PDF)

Results of measurements of environmental tobacco smoke in cars.

Printer Air Contaminant Emissions - Fact Sheet (PDF)

A recent research paper sites the names of manufacturers and models of printers with high particulate emissions. Learn here if this is a concern.

San Diego Fire Clean Up - Fact Sheet (PDF)

Removing smoke residues, odors, and soot from your home.

"A California Builders' Guide to Reducing Mold Risk" (PDF)

A guide that is geared towards members of the construction industry which includes a three part strategy to reducing the risk for mold growth. As part of the project team that prepared this document, IEE has used it to conduct short educational workshops for clients on this topic.

IEE Healthy Home Practices (PDF)
A list of practices to follow at home to maintain good indoor air quality in your residence.

Portable Classroom and Office Building Acceptance Checklist (PDF)If you are purchasing or leasing a portable building see this checklist for important ventilation and air quality considerations.

Tracer Gas Techniques for Measuring Outdoor Air and Air Contaminant Transport (PDF)

Indoor Environmental Engineering, a pioneer in the development and implementation of tracer gas techniques, routinely utilizes tracer gas techniques in building IAQ research and forensic investigations.

Diffuser Soiling (PDF)
Do you have dark soiling on ceiling surfaces around ventilation system supply air diffusers? The presence of this soiling commonly leads people to believe that the ductwork needs to be cleaned and gives the perception of poor indoor air quality in the space.

2017 IAQ Fact Sheet (PDF)
Our recommended guidelines for non-industrial spaces such as offices, residences, schools and hospitals.

A Rational Procedure for Investigating IAQ Problems (PDF)
The protocol use to address an IAQ problem should be formulated for the specific building(s) to be studied, performed and presented in a scientific rational manner and be rigorous and comprehensive enough to withstand anticipated cross-examination.

Our recommended guidelines for non-industrial spaces such as offices, residences, schools and hospitals.

IAQ Proposal Check List (PDF)
The five elements that should be contained in any IAQ diagnostic proposal and the firm qualifications that are useful in comparing IAQ proposals.



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