IEE has performed over 2000 building investigations and research studies throughout the United States. IEE is known for their thorough and comprehensive diagnostic methods and protocols that are tailored to fit the requirements of the specific needs of each project.

Our diagnostic services include:
  • Proactive IAQ CheckUps™ to help clients maintain comfortable work environments and identify indoor air quality (IAQ) problems early, thus minimizing occupant complaints.
  • Reactive Inspections in response to occupant concerns regarding a potential existing IAQ problem.
  • Forensic Investigations to determine and document building material and system failure mechanisms leading to property damage or personal injury.
Our team leaders are engineers and industrial hygienists and have extensive experience evaluating building environments and ventilation systems for investigations and research studies. IEE puts to use our experience to develop an understanding of the conditions impacting our site investigations, and provide or conclusions regarding the quality of the indoor air, with respect to appropriate guidelines, and outline mitigative actions to improve the indoor air quality where required.

Included in these sections are some examples of the diagnostic services that IEE provides. Please contact us with the details regarding your project so we can provide you with a full list of our services.