Seminars and workshops are taught by IEE's educational development staff throughout the country. Our staff has expert knowledge of many topics in the indoor air quality (IAQ), ventilation and building science field and has been retained by governmental agencies, educational and professional organizations, and private companies to teach IAQ seminars and workshops, in addition to designing custom educational programs. Some recent classes include:

"Diagnosing and Mitigating Indoor Air Quality Problems", a two day indoor air quality diagnostic workshop for industrial hygienists, engineers, and property managers.

"Indoor Air Quality: Tools for Schools", a one day indoor air quality management workshop for school officials, teachers, and maintenance personnel.

"Operating and Maintaining Healthy Buildings", a one day indoor air quality operations and maintenance workshop for building engineers and property managers.

"BOC 106 Indoor Air Quality", Building Operator Certification Training Program, Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC), a one day indoor air quality workshop and examination for building engineers.

"Mold Resistant Construction Workshop, Understanding and Controlling Moisture in Buildings", a one day seminar for builders on building strategies to reduce the risk of mold growth in buildings. Primarily geared toward members of the construction industry, the workshop introduces " A California Builders' Guide to Reducing Mold Risk".

"Building Sciences: Understanding and Controlling Moisture in Buildings", a two day workshop on assessing and mitigating moisture problems in building materials.

Custom Seminars, Custom luncheon seminars on current indoor air quality issues prepared and delivered to architects, attorneys, engineers, property managers, and building engineers. Examples of luncheon seminar topics include: "What's New with ASHRAE Standard 62-Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality", " Mold Litigation and Insurance", and "Emerging IAQ Issues".