Preparation of indoor air quality (IAQ) Design Guides for commercial, governmental, institutional and residential construction to promote the best practices for improved IAQ in buildings.

Components of an IAQ Design Guide include:

  • IAQ Design Master Checklist
  • Site Evaluation
  • IAQ Architectural Design Guidelines

Control of Contaminants from Special Use Areas

Outside Air Intake Location

Access for HVAC Maintenance

  • IAQ HVAC Design Guidelines

Air Filtration

Outside Air Delivery

Building and Local Contaminant Source Space Pressure

HVAC System Access for Maintenance

  • Building Materials/Furnishings Selection
  • Construction Contaminant Controls

Protection of Building Materials

Protection HVAC

  • IAQ Commissioning
For a list of our O&M recommendations to improve the IAQ in your residence please see our Healthy Home O&M Recommendations in the Resources Section on this web site.